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Originally Posted by Vizion
Waitaminute Chuck. What if you KNEW that your funeral was possibly the only time your relative/friend would hear the message of Jesus? You must understand, funerals are often the ONLY opportunity people will take to grace the inside of a church.

If you designed your funeral around bringing people closer to Jesus Christ through the music, message etc...would you argue that is selfish sir??
Well brother........................................... ............. I have a few thoughts about that

a) If I KNEW my funeral was the only time a friend/relative would hear the message of Christ.... then I would simply share the gospel with them before I died!

b) I guess I would stick by my previous response... I'm fairly certain that anybody who knows me even a little knows about my relationship with Christ so I doubt my funeral would be their only exposure

c) I'm nobody to inhibit the work of the Holy Spirit... me sharing or not sharing the gospel at my funeral won't keep anybody from Heaven..

d) and lastly.... my wife and all 4 of my children are all Christians (one of them literally!!) so I have no doubt that Christ will be shared at my funeral.

Again... my only point was that I believe planning out your own funeral is selfish... that doesn't mean it won't be planned nor does it mean that I wouldn't share an opinion... I'm simply saying that a funeral should be geared more to the needs of the living who are left behind to mourn then to the wants of the deceased.

IMO anyway.
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