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Originally Posted by que
then why did dana white say 10 million times that it was *f*cking illegal* what his corner did to him, and also said the guy who did it should be banned from cornering anyone again? and why did the athletic commission say it was illegal and why did they try to wipe it off GSP's body right after it was applied? and why would the NSAC institute the "BJ Penn Rule" which all started because of the penn vs GSP II fight? why would they do all that if it was legal? sorry, but i trust the president of the UFC and the athletic commission over some random guy on the internet. it's ridiculous to claim that he did not break any rules at this point. sorry, but GSP cheated.

your hate for GSP is dont you go back and read my post a little more carefully.
some random guy from the Internet,wow.your too funny.

oh yeah..while your at it go back and read YOUR post and tell me why would they institute a rule against greasing if that rule already existed ?

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