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Originally Posted by bradwright
if you truly find GSP to be a bit of a disappointment like you say then you must be disappointed a whole lot pretty much all the time with everything you encounter in your life Dave.

oh yeah one more say you like GSP ?.........i thought lying was a sin Dave.
I find his character a dissapointment, I think his standard of perfomance is excellent, it only needs to be enhanced by avoiding the groin kicks, geasing, and the ammount of wellplaced accidents, and possibly he needs to be able to finish a few more.

With some things, I try not to set expectations at all, that way I know I CANT be dissapointed.

As for lying. I am not. Before your time, I heralded Georges as the person to succeed Hughes AFTER Hughes retired. I was impressed by the fact he worked, and got knocked back, and then worked again. I was not only pleased with him, I supported him, even during GSP/Penn1

but when he started cutting corners following that bout...Yeah I went right off him...that was the dissapointment, that his work ethic and character, were not as good as I thought...and he's only got WORSE since then!
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