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Originally Posted by Chuck
I believe planning your own funeral is selfish. How did you all take that statement and somehow reach the conclusion that there would be no preparation?

I have a will. I have life insurance. The living care for the arrangements of the dead. No amount of "planning" will change that. Once I'm gone however sudden or gradual it might be those left behind will have to co-ordinate my service, arrangements etc. That can all be planned out in advance and given to a funeral director to make it easier but my point...... was simply that I don't think I should do the planning. I'll have input but I would rather my wife and children make arrangements and plans according to what's best for them... not carrying out some "last wishes" I might have.

And to your point PTM.... I would rather focus on sharing Christ to my friends/family/acquaintances with my life..... and not at my death. If I live my life right all those who know me will know who I was and what I stood for.

I can't even count how many times I've been to funerals and heard the Pastor talk about the deceased's commitment to Christ and thought to myself "I never knew they were a Christian!" I have no desire to be that guy.

I guess to further my rant just a tad... I get quite frustrated going to weddings and funerals where a commitment to Christ is put on display because "it's the right thing to do" but no evidence of Christ is found in either the Bride/Groom or deceased. I find it offensive.

Now by all means... back to your thread......

A black and gold casket would be nice... hopefully something upbeat but that's just me thinking of what might make it easier on others... I'd rather they tell me in advance then just guess

preach it brother!!!!

yeah, they think it is gonna come out of their pockets, but isn't whatever you plan for your funeral coming out of their pockets as well. Money they won't inherit? Why don't you give them a bigger inheritance and let them throw you a funeral?

And I can't agree with you more on weddings!!!! I think it should be illegal for anyone other than a virgin to wear white, doesn't white mean she's pure? Especially when it is a remarriage. Well most remarriages, i don't want to group all remarriages. But after someone gets a divorce, can you really take their wedding seriously? I know their are exceptions, but most divorces are not the exception.

While on this tangent I am going to throw in another thing i hate. The people who are graduating from high school and tell all these great plans of college and they never follow through. They collect money from open houses for college but don't graduate. I think they should offer a refund to all the people that gave to them if they don't graduate college or if they get a degree then don't use it, instead coming home and selling insurance or something. They basically got four years of partying in while under the guise of education. Especially the ones that say they are going to bridal school , er um, i mean ... bible college, the church takes a love offering and two years later they decide not to go anymore. Or they go til they find a fiance then quit. Meanwhile podunk farm boys like me don't go to college and we're somewhat looked down on..... well maybe , maybe not, but it seemed i felt a bit left out when i didn't tell them what great things i was off to do. But i have done everything i told them i was gonna do.
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