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i asked my family to cremate me when i die, then pour my ashes into the atlantic ocean. i don't know anyone personally who has been cremated, and no one in my family has ever been cremated, but i like the idea of it. to me, it is the cleanest, cheapest and easiest way of going out. the last thing i want is for my family and friends to see me as a rotting piece of meat. i want their last image of me to be when i was alive. plus, i don't like the long, drawn out process of laying in the ground as maggots eat me while my body slowly decomposes. not that i would care, because i would be dead. but still, i like the idea of quickly being reduced to clean ashes and being scattered into the beautiful ocean. instead of being food for ugly maggots, i can be food for beautiful fish, plankton and ocean wildlife and give them life in return
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