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Originally Posted by Chuck
Well.... I'll probably ruffle some feathers but.......... I always thought planning your funeral was selfish... your dead... whatever happens with regards to your funeral has no impact on you but a lot of impact on those left behind.

It's really a last act of selfishness if you ask me....

I've told my wife that my only wish is that she does whatever makes the grieving or remembrance process easier for her and the kids.. it makes no difference to me.

But if given a choice.... I'd like a black and gold casket ;-) With 6 pallbearers... 1 for each..... well you KNOW where I'm going with this
no man, it is actually the other way around .. i am gonna have everything taken care of, so my kids don't have to pull money out of their pocket and sit in a funeral home picking out a casket, burial plot all that stuff .. i am gonna prepay for my casket and cremation costs ... or maybe i will pay for a taxidermy man to stuff me with a smile on my face so i can be put on the wall ... that's the plan ..
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