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Originally Posted by Chuck
Well.... I'll probably ruffle some feathers but.......... I always thought planning your funeral was selfish... your dead... whatever happens with regards to your funeral has no impact on you but a lot of impact on those left behind.

It's really a last act of selfishness if you ask me....

I've told my wife that my only wish is that she does whatever makes the grieving or remembrance process easier for her and the kids.. it makes no difference to me.

But if given a choice.... I'd like a black and gold casket ;-) With 6 pallbearers... 1 for each..... well you KNOW where I'm going with this

I couldn't agree with you more!!!!

I think you're spot on. It's like trying to control things when you're dead!!! Let the people that are left memorialize you. Don't memorialize yourself! If all you're worth is a pine box then sobeit. Then again, if you're a giant butthead, you might want to plan an extravagant funeral cause no one else will.

I hope my funeral is happy. I mean.... I'm going to heaven right?!?!? RIGHT!!! I hope I get cheered on and people are happy for me.

I don't want to be cremated. I always figured God judges that which he hates with fire and burning. And since I am responsible for this vessel for my soul while here on earth I would want to do the best job of stewardship that I could. I don't think burning up the body God entrusted to me would be good stewardship.
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