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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks
Now that you mention it seems like planning ahead would be a caring thing to do for your family.They may be devastated (believe it or not ) when you die so perhaps things would be easier for them if they didn't have to decide after the fact . You can have like a family picnic slash plan Dad's funeral day at the park!
A couple years back, my father, as the next-of-kin, became responsible for the estate of a childless, widower uncle. The uncle had made some attempt at plans for his estate and funeral; however, he had neglected to have the will signed in the presence of a witness, the lawyer who prepared the will had died, new laws enacted after the will was written caused problems with the bank, and the uncle didn't specify preferences concerning his funeral and burial. I have never seen my Dad as "frazzled" as he was when he was dealing with the whole situation. He seemed to age a couple of years in a few weeks. I think it is important to specify your wishes while you can, if only to lessen the burden on the living. I think another issue is the expense of the funeral. Personally, I am fine being buried in a plain, pine box. I think many survivors are talked into elaborate funerals based upon feelings of guilt. They feel that they are not showing honor or respect to the dead if they don't have an elaborate, expensive funeral. For me, I would rather have a tasteful, but "no-frills" funeral service, which stressed Christ's victory over death in the scripture reading, hymns, and sermon.
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