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Originally Posted by Chuck
Well.... I'll probably ruffle some feathers but.......... I always thought planning your funeral was selfish... your dead... whatever happens with regards to your funeral has no impact on you but a lot of impact on those left behind.

It's really a last act of selfishness if you ask me....

I've told my wife that my only wish is that she does whatever makes the grieving or remembrance process easier for her and the kids.. it makes no difference to me.

But if given a choice.... I'd like a black and gold casket ;-) With 6 pallbearers... 1 for each..... well you KNOW where I'm going with this
Previously, I posted a thread in "The Woodshed" entitled "What would you have for your last meal?" It involved death and gallows humor and I put it in "The Woodshed" for light-hearted answers. I put this particular thread in the Christian section because I was hoping for serious Christian answers.

I suppose the way I phrased the question (in an attempt to stimulate discussion) could be viewed as solipsistic; however, what I was trying to clarify with the follow-up questions was: What scripture, hymns, sermons, etc. would you want at your funeral to convey to the people in attendance that there was some hope in this world in the face of death.

I remember an anecdote told by Rev. Rod Rosenbladt about him preaching a funeral sermon at a cemetery near an affluent Southern California suburb (Irvine, if my memory serves me correctly - I think the cemetery was not in the city - the dead are not allowed in Irvine!) In any case, after he preached the funeral service, an organist who worked at the mortuary came up to him and asked, "I have been playing the organ for funerals for many years and I have never heard a minister preach what you preached, what was it that you were preaching?" He replied, "The Gospel, ma'am, it is called the Gospel" The lady had probably been at hundreds of funerals and had never heard the Gospel!

In another thread, there is a discussion about when, and by whom, the Gospel should be preached. I would argue that a funeral is probably the best time to preach the Gospel. Everyone attending the service is struck to the core of their being by the awfulness of death - including the atheists. I can't believe that you would not care that the Gospel message was preached at your own funeral. Perhaps you have a reliable family and know that they would make appropriate choices or perhaps you interpreted the beginning of the discussion thread as referring to the aesthetics of the funeral and burial - the size of the tombstone, the ornateness of the casket, or the laurels bestowed on the deceased (all these things could be objects of selfishness in the soon-to-be deceased)?
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