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Originally Posted by matthughesfan21
it will solve something dave, read Mike's post...If an illegal blow led to the fight ending, it will be ruled a No contest after replay....Imagine if Serra's illegal headbutt would have ended the fight with Matt, with the replay available Serra would not get credit for the win
ohh...I suppose if they actually change the result officially, then fair enough, but if they dont call for a replay after every finish which is a TKO stoppage, then your going to get those people who lose unjustly complain that the Ref should have called for the replay to change their match result...or you might end up having the Refs become political. They might actually see an illegal blow, but stop the contest anyway, and then refuse to call for a replay.

I dunno...I'll wait to see it in action and judge it by its fruits...but GOD help us if Dan Miraglottia starts using it. I can imagine him stoping the contest in favour of the true victor, then claiming he can see things that dont exist in the replay and reverse the decision.

He just cant seem to get it right.
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