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Default Nobody is talking about it . George vs BJ , did you see it ?

I almost forgot myself. Noone is talking about it , and for one brief , BRIEF moment in that fight i was rooting for george , but it quickly faded.

If you go to about the 4 min mark in the 4th round , george is trying everything he can to put the finish on bj and cant get it done , so what does he do ? He takes a page from Matts book and isolates both of bjs arm and starts dropping punches and elbows. Its almost like a light went off in his head , " Hey , i know how he got beat the last time" and went right for it . BUTTTTTT He didnt do as good as Matt , george couldnt do it, or atleast couldnt get the win that way apparently.

EDIT: you know what , thinking back , i dont think i was rooting for george in that brief moment , i think i actually thought to myself " you unoriginal############" lol
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