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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Actually what he did was much worse.

He exploited the law for his own personal gains. He knew very well what it meant, and he deliberately violated it, knowingly using that technicality to save himself.

So in essence, not only has he cheated, which is moral bancruptcy, but he has also premeditadely worked out how he can cheat without repuccusions. That worse then just taking steroids and cheating. The only thing worse then that, is deliberatly creating a back-up plan to avoid the consequences.

He's not as dumb as he looks or sounds, He's extremely clever and he's done this sort of thing before, to try and gain an advantage in his career. Think back to having a clear shot at Hughes, and defaulting to BJ Penn because it would be more easy for him to get the title beating Penn, then Hughes, as he had already beaten Penn, and Penn had already beaten Hughes. A well timed injury, et viole (if you pardon the pun)

Its the premeditation that adds the insult to the injury (pardon the second pun too )
Well written Dave but even you must agree your post is complete speculation.
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