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If you look at his college record, that alone says alot. He destroyed his first mma opponent, got caught in a lucky sub while mauling his second, and took apart his third.(who has always been a threat to anyone) Who else was he gonna fight? Kongo? yeah right! He was a big name fighter had never shown any mortality in any of his fights other than the lucky sub. pure dominance. They knew that Nog and Frank had the show going and had to do something with Brock, Randy said he liked the idea and they set it up. I never heard Randy complain about him getting a title shot.

To say that they should not let him have that shot is like saying that nobody can play on a championship NFL team unless they have played on a different team in the league first. Or college track stars cant be put on the footbal team because they didnt play in high school. It is the nature of the beast, we dont always like it but thats just the way it is. BTW it aint his fault they gave him a title shot!!! What was he gonna do? Say "no, because I dont think the fans feel like I am ready"? heck no!! he took the fight because he felt like he could win. And guess what, he won.

I bet that most people on this forum have someone above them at work who they feel like they could replace and do a better job than. If given the chance, I bet you wouldnt turn it down.

I dont like his antics and I wouldnt call myself a fan of his anymore but I understand the call from the UFC's pov.
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