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Originally Posted by County Mike
He doesn't have to live up to some high moral MMA standard that some of the fans have created.
high moral standard? high moral standard?

no one is asking brock to live up to any high moral standards. (besides dave)

we are just asking for him to have normal moral standards. or in the very least... TRY to have normal moral standards, and in the very least... TRY to show a shred of dignity in victory, and a shred of humility, restraint, discipline and self control over what he does and says after he beats his opponents.

brock's actions and words after his last fight were so ridiculous and out of line that he automatically made himself the villian in the UFC and rightfully so.

there's a reason why everyone boo'd him in that arena. and there's a reason why dana white said he got 'f*cking mad' at what brock did and said. and there's a reason why so many hardcore fans are mad at what he did.
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