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Originally Posted by County Mike
Dave's such a hater. He won the belt. He's defended the belt. Hard to say he doesn't belong there.

Forget about his pro wrestling. Remember his collegiate wrestling. You can't say he didn't work hard. He busted his butt to attain his collegiate wrestling skills and his strength. You're not just born that big and strong. Also, even though pro wrestling has the outcome decided, that doesn't mean it's not hard work. The man worked hard to be a great wrestler. He worked hard to achieve his fame as a pro wrestler and he's working hard to be a great UFC fighter.

He doesn't have to live up to some high moral MMA standard that some of the fans have created.
Firstly, Genetically, you CAN be just born that Big and Strong.
Secondly, I didnt say he had no pure skill, I said he is unproven in MMA, thats true...he has about three or four fights period! SHOCKING!
Thirdly, Dont lecture me about Professional Wrestling
Forthly, YES he does have to live up to a high moral MMA standard

Fifthly I am NOT a Hater.

But I dont mince my words just my walk
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