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Isn't that the motto: You're not a true champion until u defended it at least once. Brock has defended it once so u can't deny that he is the champ no matter how he got there. You may not like I may not like it,but it is what it is. I'm sure u can go in each fighters previous history and find some fighters who've had jobs that we may frown apon or have previous endeavors that are questionable.
Dana's been a hypocrite about the whole deal,bash Kimbo for being fast tracked,but its okay to fast track Brock. I don't really care about their previous 'jobs' or accolades,the bottom line both UFC/EliteXc did basically the samething. Now look at Dana,hes got Kimbo in his stable and I bet no matter how Kimbo does on TUF he will be in the UFC.

I dont care what a fighters previous 'work' was before or why he wants to do MMA its his business and his right. I don't hold it against them,everyone has a right to try something different if prior jobs don't work out. I root for Brock,but he needs to tone down his antics,especially while being the champ for the biggest MMA organization. I understand he just can't turn off what hes done for years previously,but he needs to try(and his corner needs to help him on that).
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