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Originally Posted by KENTUCKYREDBONE
What some folks seem to think is if you ever done anything other than MMA you shouldn't be allowed in it! If they got the skill's and win it fair and square it ain't right to resent them because of their previous job!
He hasnt ever been tested like all the others who had to WORK for their Title Shot.

If he was forced to work long and hard, to get where he got, I wouldnt mind so much. I might still wish he hadnt made the jump as such a high calibre Professional Wrestler, but I wouldnt resent him particularly based on the fact he is prepared to work

But he hasnt been made to work. He's been made to be a money draw in exactly the same way he was used in the WWE. Big name, Big Draw, BIG GUY...but he is NOT a BIG Guy, he does NOT Belong at the top of the pile, You have to put the work and fight the fights to become cant just appear one day. I resent that...and his Attitude only makes that (which is equally the managements fault as it is his) even worse and more personal. So now He doesnt deserve it on skills, experience, OR Character...and yes, because I care about the inistution and the belts, I resent that, deeply.

THATS what I resent, and that WHY I dont resent Lashley.
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