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Originally Posted by Hijo de la verga
Really, the Brock Lesnar UFC career has been a bit of a slap in the face of the cognisant MMA fan.

being trusted into title contention after one win in your professional fighting career seems very strange. The fact is that he is given title contention on a silver platter because he is hugely marketable, like him or not.

to me, the most dissapointing aspect of the Brock Lesnar saga is the fact that he was given a title shot while there was an active Interim champ. it was my understanding that the Interim belt is created when a champion cannot compete for whatever reason and that once the champion is again able to compete they must first face the Interim champion. correct me if i'm wrong. how did Nog get the short end of that stick? shouldn't we have watched Nogiera Coture months ago?
Yes, Nog was the victim of the Fast-Tracking of Brock Lesnar.

See they did not expect Randy Couture to be available sometime, which is why they shunted Nog off with Mir and put them on TUF. Whilst that was going on Couture effectively gives up his campaign and Brock Lesnar appears right on time.

So then they sideline Mir and Nog, COMPLETELY, whilst two people who both dont deserve based on insitutional behaviour to fight, actually do. Nog ends up being beaten by Mir, who is the rematch for Brock (who he already knows because they have fought before)

Courture gets the beating the management want, both victims of the fast track get put aside...and Mr Lesnar rules supreme. Perfect for PPV results. Pity the Sport is about more then PPV though isnt it. Behaviour like this is not only unfair to the viewers, its also unfair to the competitors.

Randy Couture had a metaphorical gun to his head (one could argue he deserves it after his assasination of Tim Sylvia which was management sponcered, and now they've turned on him, but even so after all the court battles and press conferences, he didnt have much choice. Brock Lesnar would have been a fool not to go along with the management idea. One cant blame him, he didnt decide or make the rules, but he is now probably in out of his depth and when the short sharp shock comes, the poor guy will get it in the head, half the fans dont like him, if he stumbles, the laughter will be fever pitch, which is the institutions fault for fast tracking him in the first place. Mir has been screwed, being forced into a rematch against someone he nearly lost to, who now knows what its like to fight him. He's an old Title Holder, but they dont really want him much since the accident. Nog, the guy who should have been treated better, got smushed by someone who was so not his standard, for whatever reason thats now dropped his stock massively, and now he has to work his way back up. The old fans, that understand this are not impressed.

But the UFC made its dollar, and thats seemingly what counts.
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