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Originally Posted by Tyburn
Lashley I'm not to worried about. Small Scale Professional Wrestlers even in the Premier wont carry the same stigma because they will not be fastracked by the UFC.

I have no problem with a small Pro-Wrestler who has had a reasonable to good run in the WWE or TNA Promotions, and who wishes to train and will be forced to work their way up through small shows fighting true competitors rather then cans, and who may be put through TUF. If they make it, and then do well, get themself a good record and eventually contend and maybe capture gold...then fair play to them.

What I dislike is a large and well know Professional Wrestler switching to MMA, being hyped up, being fast tracked...and making a mockery of the sport IMHO. We dont want Kurt Angle, We dont want Dwayne Johnson, and we dont want Brock Lesnar...dispite the fact that they all have true sporting history outside of Professional Wrestling, and two out of three in a combat sport.

They carry a stigma. Its unfair to them, its unfair to us in the long run. They are good at what they do in Professional Wrestling, they are athletes even though their sport is not a sport but an artform. But they shouldnt be flocking to Mixed Martial Arts IMHO

And that I believe is a large part of why Brock gets so angry! So many Folks that think they are MMA purist was against him from the very beginning. If he was a failure at wwe or lost all his fights he wouldn't get so much hatred and resentment. Its as if Folks are afraid the fake Wrestler will turn out to have legit skill's. By the way you do know alot of MMA fighters have worked for the fake Wrestling? What some folks seem to think is if you ever done anything other than MMA you shouldn't be allowed in it! If they got the skill's and win it fair and square it ain't right to resent them because of their previous job! As long as their previous job wasn't immoral or illegal. As for Bobby Lashley I think he also has a Military background!
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