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Default Now Randy wants Lyoto, too
Originally Posted by Randy Couture
"I’m very intrigued by him and his style and what he’s done. He’s so patient, he doesn’t care what the crowd is saying. He’s gonna fight the way he’s gonna fight and he doesn’t [care]. He’s been very successful at it and I’ve enjoyed watching him. He’s got a very unique fighting style and he intrigues me. That’s a fight I would be very interested in. At some level you have to meet a guy and step onto his turf a little bit to engage him to lead him away. It would be very interesting to see what that would take.”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Randy Couture dishes on Lyoto Machida, the current king of the 205-pound division. “The Natural” is no stranger to the weight class but didn’t exactly leave on good terms, getting bounced out of competition with a second round knockout loss to Chuck Liddell at UFC 57. Couture returned to the Octagon and showed he can still hang with the bigger guys, but would he stand a chance by dropping back down in weight to face the undefeated “Dragon?”
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