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Originally Posted by Maldonado136
Question Ė You use a lot of leg works and De-Ai. Was that the way you knocked out (your opponent) in order to gain the title?

LYOTO Ė Usually in karate we train a lot of distance. This is very important inside the fight because you can have a ton in your punch but if you donít land it itís not worthy. This leg movement is called Tai-Sabaki, which is also trained in Judo. Itís the so called footwork, when you go to a side, gets into the opponents reach, backpedals, gets out again, hit, rotateÖ thatís the Tai-Sabaki. Another resource is the De-Ai, the fightís time, when you hit your opponent when he is not waiting for it.

Question Ė Was that what happened in the Evans fight?

LYOTO Ė Yes. When he came out I had already anticipated him. Karate is all about time and distance, because the fight time is fundamental. You can see on Andersonís last fight (against Forrest Griffin). He didnít hit him with power, he hit him on the right time, and thatís why he fell down.
See, this is the stuff I love to read & hear. The "why" of a fighter's game, not just the "what" or "how". As a big nerd, I love getting the background info on everything, be it movies, books, sports, whatever. When you get that little crack into the inner sactum it's such a huge opportunity. I'm now off to research all those techniques he was talking about. If I find anything cool, I'll post the links here.
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