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Originally Posted by que
talking about the Portuguese language with my American friend at work (who is blood Portuguese and speaks it fluently although you would never know he is Portuguese because he looks 100% white American and acts American and has a perfect American accent) he told me that Spanish (specifically Mexicans who speak Spanish) is considered to be the "Ebonics" version of Portuguese. in other words, Spanish is the lazy version of it, and Portuguese is the more proper and correct way. if you know one language then you pretty much know the other, although i find the accents very different. i love how Portuguese sounds, i think it is much more pleasing to my ears than Spanish. i also notice they pronounce more "H" sounds and use alot of "bo"' and "aya" which Spanish doesn't have much of

dave do you know anything about the connection between Portuguese and Spanish and which one was derived from the other? i would look on wikipedia but i am lazy and wikipedia is not reliable anyways
Well Spanish and Portuguese are one of two main branches from Latin. The Pure Latin root runs towards the British Phonetic System, which includes those Languages that sound quite harsh and are made up of proper chunky words. The other Branch is the Italian, or Continental European Phonetical System, those languages are often more fluid sounding, they consist of more apostrophe then words, think French, Spanish.

As for how they developed and from which one...I have no idea. However, I would say in Continental Europe, Spain is bigger and more imposing then Portugal. Its a larger Country, been a bigger world power, and had a bigger Empire. I would guess that the switch to portuguese is actually a DEVOLUTION, its reverting possibly after the spanish Empire collapsed and was over. In Europe Spainsh<Potuguese, but in Latin America Potuguese<Spanish. To make it more confusing, I bet the languages in several hundred years have continued to evolve separately. I bet a Potuguese Man from Portugal, and a Portuguese Speaker from Brazil do not always pronounce the same things the same ways, there will be a big enough difference for it to almost be dialectical by now I would have thought.

I always think it sad that the Latin American Countries do not actually teach their onw NATIVE languages. Wandy is not speaking his Countries NATIVE Tongue. He Should be speaking a form of Mayan...and the Mexicans should be speaking Aztec, and the rest should be speaking Incan. Spanish and Portuguese are imports.

Now in the British Isles, the Irish, Welsh, Scots and some areas of Cornwall, have REFUSED to let their native streams of Gaelic die out, its still taught in certain schools, and still spoken in the rural areas.

I suspect that outside of the mountains there isnt a person in those latin american countries who know a single phrase of their true native tongue...somehow...I find that very a similar way to the way the Euro wiped out all the different European Currencies...something...was lost
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