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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
As much as I would love to see the prelims, I understand why DW doesn't do it. He's said time and again that he feels like if you pay for a plane ticket, a hotel stay, a fight ticket, etc., then you deserve to see more than the guy who "only" drops $45 to watch on his sofa at home. I tend to agree with his reasoning. I mean, when I went to Vegas, I drop around $1,000 all tolled. I think that entitled me to at least 5 extra fights that the rest of you $45-paying bums didn't get to see!
That makes sense. I just figured quite a few people would watch the prelims on Spike and then decide to order the pay per view. It would probably increase the PPV sales. I wouldn't expect Dana to choose "what's fair to the customer" over the extra money it could generate.
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