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Originally Posted by atomdanger
Not at all and I hope you're joking.

What doesn't beating somebody in their prime have to do with your prime?
Not to mention everybody trains differently, etc...

Mr X can have a prime thats 10 years long, while Mr Y has one 5 years long.
Mr X can hit his prime at 35, Mr Y at 25.

Get it?
The point, which you illustrate wonderfully... is that we don't' know when a fighter is in their "prime" it's all speculation.

Interjecting fighting a fighter during their prime into an argument with Fedor is a huge mistake... He has built an entire career on a few wins against top fighters. His record is FULL of fights with cans, fighters past their prime and inactivity. But the Fhuggers continue to hype him into some MMA god... he's much, much more hype then substance...

And to the Fhuggers... PLEASE save your keystrokes... I'm not a hater... I think Fedor is a great fighter and clearly the best HW out there.... but like I've said before he's a big fish in a small pond...
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