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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
I completely agree. What I hate is hearing refs say that a fighter needs to "improve position", which is not what the rules state. The rules say you must always be working to end the fight. If I'm stuck in your guard, defending submissions and throwing punches, then I'm working. I may not be advancing or "improving", but I am working, so back off me.
I think the ref is saying improve your position to the top guy, or else they will stand up .. at least in the UFC .. or maybe that is what you were getting at and i just read wrong ... in pride if there was no action, you get warned and yellow cards and stuff ... but passing a guard insn't easy .. some people can do damage from guard (not many) and half guard .. i also think the refs are swayed by the corners and crowd, they hear boos or the corner saying stand it up and they stand it up ...
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