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Default MMA rankings thread

Ok people it is time once again for the forums rankings. I have decided to start of with just UFC rankings for now and then if everything goes well we will open them up to all of MMA. Here all the rules for the rankings.

1. The rankings are for HW, LHW, MW, WW and LW for the UFC
2. Anyone can vote
3. You dont have to do rankings for each weight class but if you choose to do rankings for a weight class you must rank 10 fighters (and no you cant rank a fighter more than once per weight class)
4. What weight class you rank a fighter in is up to you. If a fighter is fighting in 2 weight classes feel free to rank him in both.
5. If it looks like you are trying to tank the rankings I will not count you rankings. By this I mean if you decide to leave a Champ off your rankings or your rankings for a weight class consist of all the fighters from last season of TUF I will not count your rankings.
6. Rankings are due by next sun the 16th.
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