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Originally Posted by que
yeah that turned out to be very ironic and made him look bad. BJ is a dumbass but DAMN he is fun to watch fight. i don't care what you think about BJ there is just something about the buildup to a BJ penn match. it's like you just know some serious sh*t is about to go down... whether it's him getting his ass kicked or whether (and 99% of the time) it's his opponent getting his ass kicked. it's guaranteed to be electric one way or the other no doubt about it
as an mma, i like BJ, his fights are good ... his personality just bothers me ... i am excited for the fight tonite cuz i think it will be good due to the fact ken has a good style for BJ .. i expect BJ to win, but i won't be surprised if ken pulls something off cuz he is on a good streak .. if BJ had his voicebox removed, i would probably like him
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