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Originally Posted by flo
Oh, I didn't know that, thanks. That is kind of discouraging, I didn't notice that during the fight (well, that's why I like to read the comments here - I wasn't on the forum that night). I thought GSP had too much integrity to try and get an unfair advantage that way.

Kinda changes things...

(Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of BJ Penn too. Which is why his letter to the NSAC surprised me.)
Ya, just cause u wipe vaso off with a towel don't mean its fully gone and when u start sweating its almost as bad..
Far as a rematch I'm not sure anyone will be excited to see this at all. BJ just looked aweful from rd1 on imo..BJ is a great fighter,but thats being at 155lb division where he seems naturally bigger than most of them.
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