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Originally Posted by NateR
Matt mentioned a greasiness to GSP after the UFC 65 fight. I heard him talk about it on the flight home. I believe it was the fact that Matt noticed a difference between GSP's slipperiness in UFC 65 and UFC 50 that led him to say something.

However, I haven't specifically asked him about UFC 50, I'm just willing to give Matt the benefit of the doubt, as you are doing with GSP.
Round and Round we go....where it ends. Nobody knows.

As far as Im concerned, I think Matt's integrity is beyond reproach and I totally believe he would never lie about GSP being greasy, with that being said, "greasy" and "he used Vasoline to cheat" are two totally different animals.

I keep remembering when people were accusing Matt of being aligned to a White supremacy faction because of the T-shirt incident.
Now we all know Matt was completely blindsided by that incident...and completely innocent, and that Matt's integrity speaks for itself....but that still doesnt negate the fact that someone took a picture with Matt and a White supremacy T-shirt.

So......until we all decide to refrain from using supposition in our arguments then its a never ending debate.....LOL one of which Im not getting my work done.
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