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Originally Posted by atomdanger
Last time I asked Nate how much Matt weighed, he said 192.
I don't remember how far out from a fight it was, but thats 12 lbs over confirmed.
Not saying he was out of shape, but its still not 170.

I won't bother commented about the HW's
I can't speak on Florian or Edgar, but I will bet Florian doesn't weigh 155 year round.

Also, BJ is only ever out of shape at 170, his frame isn't really meant for that weight,
same as Matt Serra, and a lot of other guys who have moved down, Florian didn't always fight at LW.
So, say what you want about BJ being a whiner or a crybaby, but show me a fight at 155 where he was in bad shape before you attack his lazyness.
BJ HAS to train to make 155 that is why he is in great shape.

BJ stays at 155 period. No need for him to move up ever again.
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