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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
Don't you know, BJ can't lose a fight ... So when he got mauled, it was because GSP greased ... when he took his mommy with him to court and they laughed at him, he is bringing up the roids thing again ... and he even says he offers no proof, it is his opinion .. BJ is a douche and his hardcore fans are even bigger douches .. they think he won the first fight, got ripped off in the second fight and will dominate in a third fight, to them he walks on water (cue Preach and Max .. LOL) ... and the reason for his "opinion" .. well, everyone gets fat when they don't train except GSP .... so he must be on roids ... what a moron, because GSP is in the gym almost everyday, and not acting like a spoiled rich kid eating burritos, that is why he doesn't get fat ....
Actually GSP is in McDonalds after a fight.
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