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Originally Posted by Crisco
Nate thinks GSP is on the juice too.

I think the dude is just a super athlete and he doesn't really show the side effects of steroids.
I guess it's the same a Brock. Brock is always asked about steroids even though he's never tested positive for them in his whole career in wrestling or mma. Everyone is entitled to their opinion I guess. It's one thing for a fellow fighter to say geez that guy is so strong and fit, maybe he's getting some kind of edge? But it's another to lose to someone and then use the steroid thing as an excuse, or at least seems like an excuse after a long line of previous excuses. Matt may have said GSP felt greasy, and he might even have reason to think GSP might even be using enhancers of some kind. I might be wrong, but I don't think I've ever heard Matt accuse another fighter of the things BJ has done. Or at least if he has, I don't think he would go saying stupid things to the media.
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