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Sorry, I know it's getting old. I was never a huge fan of either BJ or GSP, and even through the whole grease thing, BJ did have a valid point. The way way he has gone about proving it is questionable at best. I still had a smidgeon of respect for him after all that, even after mommy fighting his battles for him. But to go on record and say this crap now? Right after GSP did the same to Alvez as he did to BJ. GSP must be on roids, since he's so strong and looks after his body all year round, not just before a gimme a break! I always knew Penn was a little uppity, but ever since he lost to Georges again it seems like he's been exposed and he's scared that he might not be as relevant as he thinks he is. Even though I said I wanted kenflo to win, if BJ can get this win under his belt, and dominantly, maybe he can feel good enough about himself to look ahead to the future and quit dwelling on the past.
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