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Note from the conference:
  • Dana thanks the PSAC
  • PA Commish said a few words
    • Welcome UFC
    • Bring your A Game or you'll get our B Game ("Boo" your game)
    • Excited about this weekend
  • Dana's getting goosebumps
    • Glad to bring big fights back to Philly
  • Griffin/Silva
    • Gives history of Forrest & hypes him
    • Forrest:
      • Promises not to disappoint
    • Gives history of Anderson & hypes him
      • Apparently Silva wants to hang around 205 if he beats Forrest
    • Anderson:
      • Thanks Dana & Forrest
  • Florian/Penn
    • Gives history of Kenny & hypes him
      • Tells story of finding Kenny when watching Fickett
    • Kenny:
      • Rare to fight for title twice
      • Rare to fight legend like BJ
      • Will give best
    • Gives history of BJ & hypes him
    • BJ:
      • Excited to defend
      • Will do his best
  • Questions:
    • Dana: When you wanted to move Silva up, how high up the list was Forrest?
      • Don't remember, but he was near the top
    • Dana: How important was it to in Philly?
      • Grew up watching boxing & Philly's a big fight town, he's been dying to get here
    • Kenny: A lot's been said about what you changed. What hurt you more, training or lifestyle? (Asked & answered in Spanish)
      • Wasn't training as a professional & wasn't training full-time.
    • Forrest: You quote philosophy, is that how you try to fight
      • If you're gonna be stupid, you better be tough & I've done both. I'm gonna try smart & tough & see how it works
    • BJ: Cardio's been a problem, do you think it's been overstated?
      • Always thought I was training hard. I don't think I'll even get respect for how hard I train.
    • Kenny/BJ: Dana said both of y'all were pudgy, what do y'all think of his promotional style?
      • BJ - I think Dana looks great!
      • Kenny - I used to be skinny-pudgy & didn't know any better.
    • BJ: Dana says you're your biggest
      • Any fighter can be own biggest enemy. Getting big & cutting led to getting fat
      • Dana - So talented he didn't have to work hard. Not calling him fat, just using an example
    • Anderson: Feel different fighting at 205? Stronger?
      • No
    • Dana: Surprised Kenny got back here after Sherk fight?
      • No, but it takes time.
    • Dana: NYA Commish thinks MMA will be NY w/n a year. How frustrating is it to be so close? How many more shows on East Coast?
      • Not frustrated, it will happen. Sports not going anywhere. It will happen everywhere worldwide.
      • Dunno off top of head. Want to put on lots on EC
    • Dana: With so many promoters/sanctioners/etc. boxing is floundering. Would a single company aleviate the problems
      • How we built UFC. Learned from what boxing did right & what it did wrong. Too late for boxing, it'd cost way too much
    • Dana: 101 is beginning of new era. What about future of UFC, Mexico?
      • Got TV deal in Mexico & aired UFC 100 w/ millions of views (15?). Going to Mexico soon, but tough to find time to make it happen
  • Tequila Cazadores Award:
    • Kenny Florian (Plaque & $1,000 check to charity of choice [Spec Ops Warrior Foundation])
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