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Default BJ opens his mouth AgAIN

Sorry I'm on my iPhone and I can't post sources, but I read on MMA Torch that BJ is now accusing GSP of being on steroids! LOL his loss was like 6 months ago and he still can't get over it. He said becauase GSP walks around in shape everyday, that he's on steroids or something. According to BJ all fighters only get into shape for fights. BJ says that every other fighter gets fat in between fights and then trains to get skinny again before their matches. But since GSP is always in tip top shape, he has to a cheater. Before BJ said all this, he also said that all this was in his opinion, and he has no proof. This whole thing is sickening already! I really wanted BJ to win that fight, but now I've lost all respect for him and hope Ken-Flo.
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