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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
If I were GSP, I'd respond the same way.
I read what I wrote and have to rethink what I said. I agree with ppl that they will defend or make excuses for their favorite fighters.
I would think there are some rational ppl who try to think of both sides and not just the side of their favorite fighters. Its okay to question their motives and get all the facts..
Is GSP lying? I don't know maybe his corner is dupping him and the other fighters? Would MattH/MattS and BJ all be lying or sore losers? I don't know I would hope not even MattS I don't think would do that..So,right now I don't know what or who to believe.
I would think from now on they will change a few rules with who has vasoline and whos inside cage between rounds. etc...This has been a small blackeye for the sport,but I don't think its a set back of any sorts.
For GSP or anyother fighters sake I hope they don't get caught in this situation again steroids is bad enough don't need something as stupid and small to paint a deceiving picture for an upcoming sport.
*btw with gsp being such a golden boy,is it possible hes using some tanning products or some oilbased shower products? Ya know he such a pretty boy

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