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Originally Posted by NateR
I've noticed that GSP fans are more than willing to give GSP the benefit of the doubt, which in turn would make Matt a liar or just stupid (since some people seem to believe that someone with nearly 20 years experience in wrestling and MMA wouldn't be able to tell the difference between sweat and Vaseline).

So, I'm more inclined to believe Matt than GSP.
Everyone's fans are quicker to give their fighter the BOD ... like BJ fans, his loss to matt was a rib injury, his loss to gsp (1st) was do to not training, GSP's loss to serra was not taking him seriously, getting hit in the back of the head etc. i have even heard hughes fans saying same sorta things, didn't take bj serious the first time, got kicked in the sack against gsp, was disadvantaged to alves cuz alves didn't have to cut weight ... so it is not just gsp fans ...
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