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Originally Posted by hizo64
Toward the end of the article, kinda angers me what he says.
What I love is that this Site is begining to make headline news! Matt Hughes has been giving blogs for a while and you hear it mentioned occasionally in magazines "on his own official website Hughes said..." but its fantastic now that these people must watch this site to be aware that Hughes made any comment on GSP at all.

Of Course GSP is shocked and upset...but people are taking notice of what Matt and others are saying...and they are entitled to express their opinion...and Hughes isnt the only one...thats the thing...even if you wanted to rule out Penn and Hughes for the reasons GSP thinks...WTF about people like Sean Sherk and Miller?? They arent fighters who have reigned for eons in the past and been ursurped by GSP, they have no motive for being as malicious as he makes out.
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