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Originally Posted by foggy
Was GSP "greased up" during the first time he fought Hughes and lost or just the last two times when Hughes lost?

I went back and watched the last two UFC fights this morning over breakfast...

UFC 65 -- This was primarily a stand-up fight. This didn't even really go the ground until GSP caught Hughes in the head with a kick and followed him to the ground for elbow and knuckle sandwiches. It was basically a kickboxing match. Even if GSP was covered in grease from head to toe, I fail to see how it would have changed the outcome.

UFC 79 -- In contrast to the past fight, this one was mostly on the ground, so I would say that Hughes would have definitely been in a position to feel GSP's body and subjectively comment on it's "slipperiness". Did GSP dominate Matt on the ground because he was covered in grease or was it because he was a younger, stronger, more athletic fighter with better wrestling/grappling skills? Remember that Matt basically took this fight on short notice to replace an injured Serra.
Matt mentioned a greasiness to GSP after the UFC 65 fight. I heard him talk about it on the flight home. I believe it was the fact that Matt noticed a difference between GSP's slipperiness in UFC 65 and UFC 50 that led him to say something.

However, I haven't specifically asked him about UFC 50, I'm just willing to give Matt the benefit of the doubt, as you are doing with GSP.
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