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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN
The whole periodic times chart is a joke as well. But yes, there have been many geologists and scientists that have tried to use carbon dating to disprove the Bible. And just like Nate said, carbon dating is only reliable up to a 1000 years. I have heard some say 2000 years, evwn then, according to the Bible, the earth is only about 6,000 years old.
No...according to an Anglican Bishop, based on an incomplete linage that is possibly more symbolic then literal.

However, one thing IS certain. The Creational Event in Chronology CAN be worked out. Simply, as soon as Humans start working in groups. The earliest known culture, still denied by many, but prooven to have existed is 10,000 BC

AND..lets get something else straight, you arent measuring the age of the Earth, but the date of a Chronological Creational Event. From which there will be a backdated past....Just like if you drop a bomb on a piece of land, the shockwave fans out IN ALL directions, EAST aswell as WEST.

Trust me, I've done Philosophy of Time, Philosophy of Religion AND Evolution at university...The truth is FAR more complex then either Scientists or the Christians on this forum accept....and for the record, I dont know if anything Pre 10,000 BC happened in the reality we understand it to have...rather I see it as a progression backwards, just like we are in a progression forwards, the epicentre of which was the Creational Event.
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