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Originally Posted by NateR
I've noticed that GSP fans are more than willing to give GSP the benefit of the doubt, which in turn would make Matt a liar or just stupid (since some people seem to believe that someone with nearly 20 years experience in wrestling and MMA wouldn't be able to tell the difference between sweat and Vaseline).

So, I'm more inclined to believe Matt than GSP.
Was GSP "greased up" during the first time he fought Hughes and lost or just the last two times when Hughes lost?

I went back and watched the last two UFC fights this morning over breakfast...

UFC 65 -- This was primarily a stand-up fight. This didn't even really go the ground until GSP caught Hughes in the head with a kick and followed him to the ground for elbow and knuckle sandwiches. It was basically a kickboxing match. Even if GSP was covered in grease from head to toe, I fail to see how it would have changed the outcome.

UFC 79 -- In contrast to the past fight, this one was mostly on the ground, so I would say that Hughes would have definitely been in a position to feel GSP's body and subjectively comment on it's "slipperiness". Did GSP dominate Matt on the ground because he was covered in grease or was it because he was a younger, stronger, more athletic fighter with better wrestling/grappling skills? Remember that Matt basically took this fight on short notice to replace an injured Serra.
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