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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN
Yes! I was thinking pre-flood, not 60 million years. I was waiting for someone to bring up the Periodic Times Chart. Cause that thing is an absolute joke!
Well I didnt bring it up because I think they got the figure wrong.

See 60Million years ago was AFTER the start of the Ice Age....the word was frozen that long ago. The Cretatious Period ended 65Million years...and I think the Warmth Spiked in the Jurassic...soooo maybe 160Million years would be more way anything that size was alive after the Gulf of Mexico was formed.

There is nothing funny about the Historical just have to remember that anything Pre the Antedeluvian Culture of about 10,000 years ago might not have happened...that is to say it would and could have happened and should have happened without Creation being a Chronological Event. As Creation is an Eternal Event the repuccusions go BACKWARDS into time aswell as FORWARDS...thats why those who died before Christ can still be saved by his sacrifice.
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