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Tactical Hog Control
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Default Hello Ya'll...From TEXAS

My name is Jed and I am Tactical Hog Control. Life long Texas native, I'm a rancher, FireFighter/Paramedic, and hog/predator control operator.

I use Night Vision (Gen III) and Thermal imaging equipment in my operation. I also take hunters out and let them use the equipment to eliminate some hogs and coyotes.

I've been a fan of MMA and Mr Hughes for quite some time now. I had the chance to meet Matt and talk a little hunting with him @ the Houston Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza. Matt seems like a stand up guy, and being a CHRISTIAN and proud to let the world know about it, well that just bumps him up higher in my rankings.

Matt if you read this, it was pleasure meeting you and your uncles the other day. and I look forward to talking shop with you again in the future.

And my son Hunter, was very disappointed he missed you @ the show.

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