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Originally Posted by NateR
You see it's stuff like this that makes the GSP fans seems so pathetic. Nowhere did I ever claim that all MMA fighters, except Matt, are on steroids. That's just stupidity.

So, stop with the straw man arguments and argue what I actually say. Don't manipulate my words to represent a bizarre parody of my viewpoint in order to make it easier for you to shoot that false viewpoint down. That's not the intelligent way to win an argument.
I don't remember quoting you specifically? I'm sorry to upset you!

I'm just echoing the popular sentiment I read in most of the posts here on this forum: "Matt can do no wrong". (Understandably... this IS the Matt Hughes forum! [1] ;))

I think your original statement went something like: we can't be sure what substances any fighter is taking illegally because they can fool the tests and the tests can't detect every possible substance.

Well, then how do you decide which fighters are taking illegal substances? By scrutinizing the size of their nipples on low-res photos downloaded off the internet?

If you're not going to trust the testing done by the UFC and the commissions, then everyone is under suspicion... including Matt. That's a terrible way to look at the sport. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent?

[1] Question. How would you say that Matt owns something? For example: "I ate Matt Hughes's apple while he wasn't looking."
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