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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
he did what GSP does....takedown, LnP and mix in some GnP. he won the round easy and could win the fight next time if he's patient and sticks to the plan, because Silva isn't getting up unless the ref calls stalling.
i have to disagree with that. silva was patiently waiting on his back for a couple minutes and then suddenly he exploded and pulled a beautiful unorthodox switch that i had never seen before in my life. i wish i had a gif of it because it was really something incredible. right after he did that he was about to get back up but the bell rang. that patience + sweep showed that he can get up if he really wants to. he just waits patiently while taking no damage... then when the time is right he CAN get up on his own. the funny thing is that i don't think he minded being on his back. not just in that fight but in any fight. i think he actually likes it because he knows nobody can do damage to him and he will get up when they make a mistake out of frustration
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