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Originally Posted by Rev
I just dont see this working out. Strikeforce does not make enough to survive for the next 2 years when it promotes alone! How will it survive when it has to start sharing with M-1? It wont last and it wont be long till they go backrupt and maybe start selling mma t-shirts, oh, wait.

Who the heck do they have that will fight Fedor? (that people will pay to watch)
Strikeforce has been around since the mid 80's, as a kickboxing org,
and been doing MMA for 3 years now, Scott Coker isn't an idiot.
I don't think they will be taking over anytime soon,
but I don't imagine them going out of business either.

(they also hold the highest PAID attendance record for an mma event in the states)

They actually have some good fighters, and honestly I have enjoyed the last few cards.
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