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Originally Posted by Crisco
This whole time they tried to do that do you really think they thought it would happen?

That have not been nogiating they have just been responding. They got every concession that FEDOR wanted they didn't get what M1 wanted.
Fedor said in the interview if he had originally been given the same offer as Dana gave him now, he would already have been in the UFC and likely still with them.

I guess Fedor got a stake in M-1 after the first negotiations with the UFC?

Vadim never said 1 bad thing about Dana or the UFC, but said since both of their interests are to expand MMA, they should work together. Dana & company, myself included, don't see it that way - they see their way to world dominance of MMA. There's no doubt in my mind even in Russia, UFC will be the dominant MMA organization within a decade. I thought it was funny to hear Vadim talk about M-1 making a video game, lol
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