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Originally Posted by Josh
I said Hendo but I admit some of that is just my bias. He controlled Anderson for one round but I kind of doubt he can do it for 5, or for that matter avoid being KO'd. I think he wins the clinch game with Anderson but the reach is going to hurt him. Screw it Hendo for the win!

Not sure where this idea that round one was good for Hendo comes from. He won it but by doing nothing he took Anderson down with 2.30 ish left on the clock and did not manage to advance his position or hurt Anderson once. He laid and prayed throwing the odd hammer-fist until about 20 seconds left in the round.

Then the minute Hendo tried to throw a big shot in round two Anderson took it and rocked him leading to the end of the fight.

I think Anderson takes this one within three rounds and total domination.

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