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found this as the fighter requirments/rules for general fighting events

KICK International Official Amateur MMA Rules and Regulations

Fighters are required to wear an approved protective groin cup during all matches.
Fighters are required to wear an approved mouthpiece at all times while the bout is in progress.
Fighters are not allowed to wear any shoes of any type.
Fighters may tape their wrists and hands but not over their knuckles. Wraps are not allowed; only tape and gauze will
be allowed. Handwraps are not allowed. Fighter handwraps must be "SIGNED OFF" by the event representative
PRIOR to the beginning of their bout.
Fighters may not place oil upon any part of the competitor's body.
Fighter’s fingernails and toenails must be cut and trimmed prior to any bout.

there multiple pages of other stuff, but thats the part with oiled up on it
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