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Originally Posted by mikthehick
this is exactly the crap that makes my blood boil, and why I'm currently watching Mr. Obama's approval rate dropping

We really need a change in Washington, maybe just replace all the boneheads working up there....
It makes my blood boil, too. I would be less mad if the NEA actually spent the money on something legitimate; for instance, scholarships for young painters to study in Europe or money for orchestras that are in financial trouble. However, with the financial state that we are in currently, I would even be upset about legitimate spending. As a family man, I would love to have my child take private dance, piano, and art lessons; however, if a family is in debt or has a limited budget, it is foolish to spend money on these things, which in, and of themselves, are normally good things. The most egregious thing is that the money is actually being used to fund evil. I would rather have the government burn a stack of money equivalent to $25,000, than give it to these self-confessed "perverts". Is it too much to ask a reporter to actually do his job and get Obama, Biden and Pelosi (Surprise, Surprise, a number of these wasteful projects are in the Speaker's district!) on camera while being confronted about this wasteful spending? They sure seemed to be able to report about the RNC spending money on clothing for Sarah Palin and her family, and that wasn't public money.
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